Monday, November 28, 2011

Sunday Nov 27, 2011

A beautiful day here in Israel! Craig started us out on the bus reminding us that GBC was starting Advent with “Hope” today. I wish everyone of you could experience this trip.
Our first stop today was Gideon’s spring. Craig shared the story again with us from Judges. There was a HUGE crab in the spring today. The site is now in a national park – very peaceful while we were there.
From the spring we went to Megiddo and Craig shared about Armageddon. The water system there is quite impressive. Leaving, we passed the Mt. of Manasseh.
Our next stop was Mt. Carmel (“God’s Vineyard”) and Craig talked to us from I Kings 18.
We had flafal for lunch again – there were other choices. I’ve just taken a liking to it. J
Caesarea Maritine was a highlight viewing ancient ruins and the Roman aqua duct system. We collected a few shells and pieces of Roman pottery shard off of the beach. A few brave souls (the Jacobs) waded in the Mediterranean while the rest of us just splashed our hands in it. The Crusader City there and its history was very interesting. ML – you can tell the BSF girls it turned out to be a sort of “BSF spot” for me as the ruins of a house they have reason to believe to be Cornelius’ was there, as well as the Roman theatre where Herod was struck down for not giving glory to God (Acts 12). (Also, ML – please tell S I couldn’t help but think of his teacher and the worms. J)
We drove through the Valley of Elah – Goliath’s land and stopped at the creek where David felled Goliath with a smooth stone and slingshot. Hezi had us each pick up 5 small smooth stones as a commemoration of our time there……I wasn’t so sure. I have never seen such ROCKY fields anywhere. I have my suspicions that Hezi was doing his small part to help rid Israel of some of her rocks! J
There is a HUGE concrete wall between the Israel and Palestine – a very visual reminder of the difficulties between the countries here. After we got off of the (only) toll road in Israel, we headed into Jerusalem. As we drove into the city, Hezi played “The Holy City” over the loud speaker. It was pretty cool.
Thus ends another full day. I think Bill is going to post this tomorrow instead of tonight – so maybe there’ll be 2 posts tomorrow……good night, all!

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  1. WOW! You are seeing so many amazing things! Picking up Roman pottery shards on the beach is TOO COOL!
    Yay, Biblical sites that are in National Parks!
    You were remembered at BSF, and Tommie came and sat in "her" saved seat in small group for a few minutes!